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A Provisioning System on an Operations Support System

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TDC Group – Denmark


The definition of provisioning is to make something operational and available. Provisioning in the context of Telecommunications is the process of setting up the network with the necessary details in such a way that the customer will have access to new products and services. Provisioning is one of the systems of Operations Support Systems (OSS). The OSS is one of the parts of the OSS/BSS (Business Support system) systems that are responsible to support both the operation (OSS) and business (BSS) systems of a telecommunication company. OSS is a set of systems responsible to plan the networks, to build and provision the services, and to manage the faults from services and/or networks of the telecommunications companies.


The main goal of this project is the development of new products on the OSS system. It is necessary to build and provision services towards the different network elements. These products can be Customer Premises Equipment (CPE’s), Over the Top (OTT’s) or Value-Added Services (VAS’s). All the development is going to happen on a proprietary Provisioning platform (Sigma Systems Provisioning) while collaborating onsite with the Danish team on the implementation of the necessary requirements. These services are going to be decided by the client, therefore, the services are liable to the business of the client. Apart from the development of the mentioned above services, it is expected from the intern the following responsibilities:
• Requirements gathering and analysis;
• Design of the solution for the different requirements;
• Development and testing;
• Failure handler;
• Monitorization and Production support of the OSS and Provisioning platform;
• Production Deployment of the implemented requirements;
• Database Extractions;
• Documentation of the existing functionalities.

Plano de Trabalhos - Semestre 1

- Gather information on the state-of-art (8 weeks);
- Familiarization with the North and Southbound systems of the OSS system (2 weeks);
- Familiarization with the Provisioning Platform (2 weeks);
- Requirements gathering for the first services (2 weeks);
- Definition of the solution and estimation for the development of the solution (1 week);
- Documentation and writing of the Intermediate Report (2 weeks).

Plano de Trabalhos - Semestre 2

- Development of the services proposed. If the client requests new requirements, the development period might suffer changes (5 weeks);
- Deployment and installation of the first release to test environment. The first round of tests (2 weeks);
- Integration with North and Southbound systems (1 week);
- Test and evaluation of the proposed solution (2 weeks);
- Deployment and installation to Production environment (2 days);
- Support and monitoring of the production environment (4 weeks);
- Final written Report (3 weeks).


Be able to work in an Agile & Scrum Methodology and in a stressful environment with aggressive deadlines. Have pleasure in team working with a great team spirit. It is expected that the intern should be independent on his daily basis functions/tasks. The proposed calendar might suffer some changes accordingly with the business aspects of the company. Possible migration of one of the systems might occur. In that case, the calendar might suffer changes as the migration is expected to take 3 to 4 months.


The intern should have the necessary soft skills (clear communication, critical thought, able to make decisions) to manage the client expectations. At the technical level, it is expected that the intern possesses proficient knowledge in the following issues:
• JavaEE
• Oracle PL/SQL
• Unix
• Eclipse IDE, Jira, Git


Mónica Sofia dos Santos Carvalho 📩