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Visualizing Software Project Processes

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Engenharia de Software

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Professional Software development involves the adoption of a set of processes to organize the team, the work, and all project-related artifacts stored in a common repository (e.g. git, subversion).

A graphical interface would enable project and process managers to visualize processes as they are being applied. Such tool would allow visualizing all activities and workflows in a process, by providing a high level view of all the activities performed by the team in order to improve process efficiency and understanding of processes.


The goal of this thesis is to build a system to visually characterize the workflows adopted by software development teams. The intention is to reverse engineer the activities performed by developers from the logs in the project repository (e.g. Github, subversion).

Plano de Trabalhos - Semestre 1

The first semester is devoted to gather information on the state-of-art of this topic and a comprehensive characterization of the analysis system that will apply the process mining techniques to specific project repositories. 'PROM' will be the tool used to perform the analysis of the repository data, so most effort will be devoted to understand the PROM APIs in order to integrate with the visualization tool.

Another output of this phase will be the Master Thesis intermediate report.

Plano de Trabalhos - Semestre 2

The core activity of the second semester will be the assessment of the quality of the visual representation and interactions (HCI), as well as improving the interface in face of the usability observations performed. This is an iterative exploratory activity and therefore it cannot be fully defined beforehand.

A scientific paper is expected to be written with the major conclusions drawn.


The student will be provided with close mentoring from the advisor, a machine, a working space and access to the University resources (internet, on-line libraries access).


Mário Alberto da Costa Zenha Rela 📩