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Playful Stimulation against Parkinson/Alzheimer - a tentative exploration

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Design de Interação

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The Interaction Design area constitutes a rich field of scientific study, with many challenges and open issues. The particular context of using Digital Games for exercise or therapeutical benefits is a relatively new research subfield with ongoing research at CISUC. In this context we intent to study the potential and limitations by designing playful experiences based on touch, movement sensing or gesture interfaces, targeted at physical and cognitive stimulation and evaluation. These techniques can potentially be used as a basis for building adaptive playable environments for personalised workouts and tracking of player performance. The main focus of this work will be on the Parkinson/Alzheimer pathologies.


In this project we want to design and prototype a pleasurable and personalised game-like experience for physical and cognitive stimulation target at therapeutic benefits for Parkinson/Alzheimer pathologies. The project will address the following goals:

a) assess current state-of-the-art in games and the their use with the pathologies;

b) design and build a workable prototype for play and data collection; 

c) evaluate design proposals by studying their usability, payfulness and potential benefits;

Plano de Trabalhos - Semestre 1

A1. (M1-M3) State of the art research - research and document the relevant SoA, publications and software review, for the study of the problem at hand; detailed characterization of the problem to be solved stating specific goals and requirements;
A2. (M3 - M4) Design Proposal - conceiving of a design proposal for the specific context, including visual identity, interaction models and user interface draft for the proposed solution, and mapping of assumptions and milestones for the rest of the project;

Plano de Trabalhos - Semestre 2

A3. (M5 - M9) Prototyping - implementation of a proof-of-concept prototype, tuning or corrections based on evaluation results;

A4. (M9) Evaluation - definition of evaluation criteria and method; performing evaluations and analysis of results;

A5. (M10 - M11) Statement of Learning - production of paper and thesis with process report and reflection on findings


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